Savings Catcher Update!!

 Starting February 1st 2018, the Savings Catcher program will be changing to make redemptions easier. These changes include:

  • Your rewards will automatically be transferred to a Savings Catcher eGift card each time they’re earned. No need to manually redeem your rewards.
  • Your Savings Catcher eGift card will be automatically saved to your account for you, so you will no longer receive emails with your
    Savings Catcher eGift card bar code.
  • The ability to transfer rewards to a Bluebird card will be discontinued.
  • Walmart Pay will become the preferred way to spend your Savings Catcher rewards in-store. Additionally, you will continue to be able to spend 
    your rewards on
  • You don’t have to immediately spend your rewards when they’re transferred to your eGift Card. You can choose to accumulate them as desired.

For any questions, please contact us at 1.800.WALMART.

Money Savings Tips

Walmart Savings Catcher


  • Cost: Free!  You will find out how you can receive cashback in the form of a Walmart credit by using the Walmart Savings Catcher.  I have made at least $200 since the beginning of the program. See below.

Bluebird from American Express

  • Cost:  Free!   This is NOT a credit card. You will find out how you can link your FREE Bluebird card with the Walmart Savings Catcher and enjoy the convenience of using the Bluebird with the additional benefits. I also like the feature of being able to send and receive money and the free online bill pay.  They also give you free checks.  See below for more details.

Discover Card

  • Cost: Free!  I enjoy my Discover It card.  Whenever I order on, I use the "Discover Deals" and earn an additional 5% cashback on my online purchase.  Discover has a list of other online stores that give you lots of cashback rewards.  This card is awesome with tons of other special benefits!  See below.

Walmart Savings Catcher

Walmart Savings Catcher & Bluebird

Is there a catch?  Yes, the catch is the Savings!  Walmart created the Savings Catcher to help save you money.  It's amazing how much money I have saved using it! 

How I Save Money

Ad-matching = Free Money:  Walmart has a new program that automatically finds the lowest prices in the competitor ads and all you have to do is enter your receipt information online and if it finds a lower price, it gives you Walmart credit which equals $$$. 

I have already made more than $200.00.  Others have made much more. 

Personally, I am waiting for Christmas to cash in my $avings!  

By the way, if you lose your paper receipt, you can access your receipts in the Savings Catcher. It's great when you have to return something with a receipt. 

You can also link your Bluebird by American Express to your Walmart Savings Catcher account to transfer your credit
immediately so you have easy access to your Walmart Bucks!  

For more information, read about the Bluebird card below. 

Walmart Savings Catcher Website

 Find out more at: 

Walmart App

Did you know??  You can download the Walmart App on your Smart Phone or iPhone and click on "Savings Catcher" in order to scan your receipts?  It's really awesome!

Contact Information

What if I haven’t received my Walmart Rewards eGift Card?

  • Check the junk or spam folder in your email.
  • Ensure you have your account linked to the correct email address.
  • Request an email with your eGift Card by selecting My Reward Card –> Resend my eGift Card from the menu.

Contact us through the "Contact Us" link on our full site and leave feedback so that we can investigate. 

Bluebird by American Express

American Express and Walmart

American Express and Walmart came up with an exclusive Debit/Cash card called the BlueBird by American Express.

It is loaded with benefits, not TONS of fees!  

When you go to their website, you can explore their benefits and also their list of fees.

What Can Bluebird Do For Me?


Bluebird can help take the stress out of money management, with features like:


Bluebird Benefits

Here are the benefits I like about the card:

Benefit #1: When I input my Walmart receipts into the Savings Catcher (, Walmart will compare all of the local competitor ads in the area.  If they find a lower price, they will give me Walmart credit for the difference.  

I log into the Savings Catcher account and then click a button to transfer the Walmart credit onto the BlueBird card.  Then I can take the physical card into Walmart and use the Walmart credit that I just loaded on it.  Now that's convenience!  Or you have the option to receive an e-gift card via e-mail and the cashier can scan the e-mail on your phone or in printed form.

*** Note: If you ever lose your paper receipt, you can always use the Walmart Savings Catcher to pull up your receipt.  It's great when you have to return something.  

Benefit #2: The Bluebird has different accounts within the card.  

For an example, you will have one account for the Walmart Credit from the Savings Catcher.

 You'll also have another account for your CASH you loaded the card with or any money you received from friends and family.  

For an example, imagine that s friend sent you $2.00 to your Bluebird account, so now you will have $2.00 on your Cash side of the account.  

You can also set up sub-accounts and even transfer funds between anyone that has a BlueBird account. 

So let's say you needed to borrow $50.00 from a friend.  Your friend could log into his/her Bluebird account and send you $50 instantly by using your phone number or e-mail address.   Bluebird will notify you via text or e-mail about the funds that are available.  Then when you get your next paycheck, you can instantly send him/her $50 back.  

Benefit #3:  You can load the BlueBird card at any Walmart register for FREE.  So whenever I have any "loose" change or any extra dollar bills laying around, I will take it to any Walmart cashier and tell them that I would like to "load my BlueBird card."

Most of the time they know how to do it.  But sometimes they haven't been trained.  So I tell them to press: 70 and then press Action Code.  The register prompt you to swipe your card and then it will ask if you want to load the card.  Then I give them the loose change or the bills.  
It's free to load the card and I like that.

Benefit #4:  Bluebird offers Free Online Bill Pay.  For an example, I just loaded $38.00 onto my card today at the register.  So now I can go online and pay a bill to anyone.  

I can schedule the payment online and it will send a check to the company or person.  Now that's a pretty convenient way to pay bills for FREE and to save stamps and envelopes!  

Benefit #5:  Let's say you have real money on your BlueBird account. 

 Now here is a nice feature.  You can use your Bluebird ANYWHERE where they accept the American Express cards. Look for the American Express logos or ask the store if they accept American Express.  If they do, then your BlueBird by American Express will be accepted.  Just swipe the card like a debit card and select "credit" even though it's not a credit card.  The funds will be deducted just like a regular debit card.  

Benefit #6: When I first got my card, I only used it for the Savings Catcher.  

So since American Express wanted me to use their BlueBird card more, they gave me a promotion that I found in an e-mail they sent me.  I signed up and then every store I used the Bluebird, they gave me $1.00 credit.   So if I used the card at 40 different stores within the month, they would give me $40.00. 

Benefit #7:  Also, when the Bluebird came out, they also gave me another promotion.  Any Savings Catcher money I received, BlueBird would "double" that amount if I transferred the Walmart credit onto their card.  So let's say I made $10.00 Walmart credit from the Savings Catcher.  I transfer the funds and now I have $20.00 of Walmart Credit to use on the BlueBird card.  That is how I saved a lot!  They are not offering that promotional at this time, but hopefully that promotional will come back.

Benefit #8:  They have other benefits on the card like accidental and theft benefits.  Let's say you bought an electronic item and it costs $250.00.  Let's say someone stole it or you accidentally broke it.  The BlueBird by American Express may replace it or give you credit for that item.  *** There are certain exclusions so you have to read the terms and conditions.  =)  

Benefit #9: American Express Logo:  You can use this card anywhere they accept the American Express cards.  Some merchants do not accept American Express, but more merchants are accepting them each day!

Overall, it's an amazing card to have in your purse/wallet. 

Take a look at all of their benefits on their website:

Also go to to find out how to link your BlueBird account with the SavingsCatcher website.

You can also download the Walmart App and access the SavingsCatcher and take pictures of your Walmart receipt to submit your receipt information.    

Discover Card Offer

Refer A Friend Program

  • If I refer you to Discover Card, you will receive $50 and I will receive $50 if you are approved and use the card on your first purchase of any amount.  See below for more details.  

Discover Card

Discover the True Savings

Discover Card is a special card to have and here is why:   

Walmart Online Shopping

 I log into the website and click on Discover Deals, under the Rewards link at the top.  Then I look up Walmart and click the link which takes me to the site through the Discover website. 

 When I use my Discover card, I get 5% cashback and if I have the order shipped to the local store, it comes with free shipping!  If you spend a certain amount, then Walmart will give you free shipping to your house!  That's money saved and earned!  Learn more by clicking, Discover Deals.

** Discover Deals can change at any time, so please verify the cashback you will receive through the Discover Deals.  There are over 50 stores in which you can receive cashback from buying online and in-store with your Discover Card!  

Note: Accessing through the Discover Deals website is where I save the most money when shopping at Walmart online!    

Cashback on Purchases

Every quarter, there are 5% cashback categories. Example: January through March, if I use the Discover card to buy gas, I will receive 5% cashback.  Everything outside the categories, I will receive 1% cashback.  Learn more by cilcking, Cashback Bonus 

Accidental Damage and Theft Protection for 90 days

Discover has awesome benefits to protect some of your purchases.

 ** There are a list of exclusions in their terms and conditions.  I am very impressed with their benefits.  Learn more about Discover Card Benefits by clicking: Discover Benefits 

Earn More Cashback with Discover Checking and Savings

For exclusive Discover Card holders, you can earn more cashback with the Discover Cashback Checking and Interest Checking.  You'll be amazed at the benefits you can receive.  

Click here:  Cashback Checking & Interest Savings.  

Every time I write a check, I receive 10 cents for each check!  Every time I pay a bill online using the Discover Online Bill Pay, they pay me 10 cents each. 

Every time I swipe the Discover Debit Card, they pay me 10 cents or whatever the promotional rate at that time. Their interest savings continues to pay me higher interest than most banks. Overall, Discover is so awesome! 

You Get $50 and I Get $50

 If you are interested in getting your own Discover Card, we both could receive $50 each.  

Contact me and send me your e-mail address.  

I will log into my Discover account and send you a website referral link from Discover.  

When you apply for the Discover card and get approved, make a single purchase with your new Discover card, Discover will pay us $50 each.  Now that's awesome!

Contact me if you are interested, click here

Please Remember:  The Discover Card is a credit card.  If you pay your balance in full every month, you will avoid paying interest and therefore, you will reap the true savings!   

"Use Credit, not for Credit, but for Convenience Only." 

Discover the True Savings!  


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